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    You have to check Eric Solomon out if you like music. His voice reminds me of Gavin Degraw but with the funk of Maroon Five!

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    I'm a fan of his music and am actually going to his show next week on the 15th in L.A. at the Derby. I'm really excited to see him perform, I have seen clips on Youtube and such and am so anxious to see him live.

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    Default I agree!!!!

    I agree that his music pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.. lol!!! Really now though, his music is sooo unique and amazing that it's on my top 5 iPod playlists ;)

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    If this is the guy: effective dance music but imagining Jimmy Somerville's voice doing it--he'd woulda killed it.: Try this instead: << this is what "anthemic" is all about, folks. Can't link just 1/Having way too much fun: << sexual politics very much aside, doubt we'll ever see his like or experience that era again. BTW, is there something left in that jug of hooch over there? And hey you--twist one. Let's party!

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