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Thread: How to credit nusic?

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    Default How to credit nusic?

    I have written a song and made the melody. Someone else has made the music to that (all instruments and mixing etc, but not been involved in the actual melody or lyrics)

    How do I write the credits for the song? and if the song starts to sell, how much do I vs. he get?

    Thanks for you help

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    A 50-50 split would be reasonable and won't lead to problems later on. As for credits - something like - Song A (Lars-Mars) or whoever the other person is. Although you wrote the melody he contributed the harmony (if I understand you correctly) so he must be credited as being a co-writer. And remember there's a good chance that you might write together again so you have to keep the peace. You would get a separate credit for the lyrics. So all in all - a 60-40 split in your favour would be acceptable. Just an opinion and not a rule.

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