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    Smile What Is Good?

    I'm in a rut with the music I listen to. Not that it isn't good, but a little too predictable now that I've listened to it as much as I have. What I listen to at the moment, what I want something similar to is frou frou, john frusciante, imogen heap, ani defranco, yeah yeah yeahs, fionna apple, regina spektor, blind melon. I like a range, the important thing to me is is it interesting when you listen to it, lyrics are second to music but I like something, lyrically, that isn't predictable-not a limmerick-not too "pop-ish". So, I'm looking for suggestions of what else I might like, or what do you like?
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    Apologies if any of this is too obvious, but without knowing what you're familiar with.....

    - Bjork should fit with your tastes. Her most recent albums are challenging but dazzling IMV.
    - Neil Young, especially the albums with Crazy Horse. Yes, he's old, but he still rocks.
    - Joni Mitchell. Another oldie, but well worth investigating.
    - Aimee Mann. Intelligent songs, well written.
    - Beck. Same as ^, but a bloke.
    - Kristin Hersh. Ex-Leader of post-punk band Throwing Muses. One of my fave artists. Oh, & Throwing Muses while we're at it.
    - Martha Wainwright. Just heard her new one, and it's good.
    - Ween. Uncategorisable, but worth checking out.
    - Drive-By Truckers. Good ol' rock & roll.
    - Flaming Lips. Just cos they're a great band.
    - Roy Harper. Brit folkie who's also ancient. Genius IMO.
    - PJ Harvey. I'm just picking from my favourites now. Brilliant UK song-writer who can do no wrong for me.
    - Nick Cave with or without the Bad Seeds. Her ^ Australian ex. He's good too !!
    - Talking Heads. Always worth investigation if you haven't already.
    - The The. UK band that are always interesting.

    Please don't tell me you hate them all .

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    Good call on Bjork and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

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