Gidday folks!
I've got a couple of gigs coming up in June and, consequently, have been hunting around for more material from my archives of the past 28 years of the band to both compile some tunes for the guys in the band (I'm using a 'house' rhythm section on a couple of occasions) and also to burn to CD and flog.
During my search, I came up with a cassette of ten songs from the residency that the 7-piece 'jazzier' version had at the Dry Dock Hotel in Balmain (Sydney) back in mid-1985. Hopefully, you will enjoy them if you get to have a listen.
I've put five of the tracks up on the BEACHBLUES MySpace page at where you can have listen if you like and let me know just how shit-house you think they sound 23 years on.
I've been busily burning CDs and run out of ink twice now printing covers and labels!