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    Default Mariah Carey News

    she really needs to get over herself

    from pop eater

    Mariah Carey's walk down the Golden Globes red carpet assured that she remains the talking point of any awards show she attends this season.

    'Precious' star Carey attended the awards in a cleavage-friendly black gown. We can reveal that our editors' chatroom was ablaze with comments and it appears we weren't alone. The blogosphere began taking off with similar reactions.

    "There's decolletage and then there are times when you're just begging for a charge of indecency," said the Washington Post.

    "She brings her own Golden Globes wherever she goes," says Moviefone editor Maggie Furlong, "making cleavage her most notable accessory of the evening in this plunging black dress."

    "Mariah Carey brought her own Golden Globes to the red carpet," shouted red carpet host Jay Manuel.

    Carey made waves last week during an apparently less-than-sober acceptance speech for a Breakthrough Actress award at the Palm Springs Film Festival. An oddly disjointed ramble during last Wednesday's People's Choice Awards made for two strange speeches for Mariah in as many nights.
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    so the girl got the girls out...i am sorry, but what woman hasn't worn a something a lil too low cut at times?!

    i mean as if the boys didn't look and then go "oh thats too much"

    ok, it has been a long time since she brought out a decent song, but she still knows how to get attention.
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