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Thread: NM156 Says Hello

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    Red face NM156 Says Hello

    Hello everyone,

    First post. About me?

    I am a former Sound Engineer and music lover.
    I like a bit of everything with the exception of Rap not that there is anything wrong with it, just not my cup of tea.

    I spent the 80's listening to Queensryche and not much else.

    Currently I am listening to a lot of unsigned bands.

    Wanna know anything else just ask.

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    Nice nickname... What is that reference to?

    Welcome to MD my friend, make yourself at home and post lots.
    With Regards...


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    Default nick

    Hi thanks,

    The nickname is the title of a Queensryche song.

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    Hi NM, nice to meet you.

    Hope you enjoy our little music forum.

    Sound engineer !! Interesting job ??

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    Default sound engineer interesting job!

    It can be. I had a lot of fun working the clubs. I would take a sound system out and run it for regional acts. My 15 mins (actually hour and a half) of fame came one night when I was hired to do monitor mixes for Matchbox 20 right as their first record broke. The rest was recording voice over for radio commercials and self help tapes. That gets boring.

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