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    Default Alrighty

    Not used forums (or indeed had a reliable internet connection) in like 2 years but always enjoyed it so thought i'd get back into it now that I do!
    So... hi. I love music, probably all music. Artists i'm particularly into at the moment are Nina Simone, Damian Marley, The Talking Heads & Death In Vegas. (Although I have a number of old favourites who I always go back to such as The Smiths, Nas, Daniel Johnston, Wu-Tang Clan... I could go on all day!)
    I also make (or attempt to make) music! Started my interest in this with DJing but that's kind of taken a back seat recently as I've become more interested in production... learning to use Ableton Live at the moment (hope it goes well!) and hoping to purchase a half decent midi controller at some point in the near future (but i'm broke...)

    Man... I feel like i'm writing some kind of ad here, but I just joined to talk about music cos I love it and, in particular, discovering new (or old) stuff which I would never have come across otherwise! :D

    See ya!

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    Hello Kiosk, & welcome to Music Discussion.

    This place has definitely enriched my music collection, so hopefully you'll find it useful.

    You don't know my mate Phone Box in Glasgow, do you ??

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    Welcome to the site.

    A nice range of interests.

    Hope you enjoy us.
    A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.
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