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Thread: Are There Any Things That You Wish Would Be Issued On CD That Have Not Been?

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    Talking Are There Any Things That You Wish Would Be Issued On CD That Have Not Been?

    In my forty or so years of being a radio presenter , DJ , CD sales person and general music buff ,I have come across quite a lot of music which has been lost to format change eg vinyl to CD or 78 to vinyl . i wondered if anyone else like me has particular pieces of music that they wish would have a professional transfer to CD ..........I am well aware that you can do it yourself but I sometimes wish that certain albums would be done which never have and was curious to know if

    a) Other people here had these kind of wishes

    or b) If my understanding of the current state of play was correct ( That is to say do you know anything I don't as I have located some albums on CD that people thought had never been issued)

    My current ones are

    Silver Faces by Doggeral Bank

    Waves By Clifford T Ward

    King Progress By Jackson Heights

    Live At The Hollywood Bowl By The Beatles

    I have others but these are the ones that come to mind..
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    The only two that I have on my buy list which seem to be currently unavailable are:

    Julian Cope - Saint Julian


    Giant Sand - Glum

    I'd be very happy if these saw the light of day...

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    Mildred Bailey - anything by her really, so hard to find.

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