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    anybody know any good Gabber bands?

    right now im listening to 3 steps ahead - crazy

    And I'm really enjoying it but I've only find like 3 really good gabber bands and was hoping to get the names of a few more.

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    I didn't even know what a Gabber band was, so I've just done a bit of research. The Main Man on here regarding this sort of stuff is JonG, so hopefully he'll be online soon..

    Feeling the generation gap, man....

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    When it comes to gabber, as in most electronic music, there are very few "bands". If you're using that term in your searches its going to slow you down. Most of the time its made by either solo artists or duos.

    I'm not really into gabber. I dabbled in it years ago. I liked several artists on the Digital Hardcore Recordings label. I don't even know if its still active. But you can start by doing a google search on it and its founder, Alec Empire. He is still active. I know he just released a new album. Of course, DHR wasn't technically gabber, but we don't need to split hairs here. It's mighty close.

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    Cool Gabber

    if you are looking for some more good gabber artist to listen to here are a few which are good - angerfist , art of fighters , neophyte , dj outblast , dj re-style i would also consider listening to various artist on albums such as masters of hardcore , hardcore to the bone & thunderdome

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