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Thread: Jason Boesel - Hustlers Son

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    Default Jason Boesel - Hustlers Son

    released Jan 12th, 2010

    from the album - Hand Of God

    YouTube - Jason Boesel Hand of God

    from all music

    Before releasing his first solo album in early 2010, Jason Boesel cut his teeth as the drummer for Rilo Kiley and multiple other bands. He joined Rilo Kiley in the late ‘90s and, several years later, co-founded the Elected with bandmate Blake Sennett. Rilo Kiley began attracting a larger audience with the release of 2004’s More Adventurous, and the band spent the following year opening shows for the likes of Bright Eyes and Coldplay. Boesel eventually joined Bright Eyes’ touring band as well, and his relationship with frontman Conor Oberst later resulted in an invitation to join the Mystic Valley Band. While juggling those responsibilities, he also found time to work on his own album, Hustler’s Son, which found him singing and playing guitar in addition to percussion.

    album review

    After Rilo Kiley found themselves rocketed to success, the two main members went off to try their hand at solo careers. Blake Sennett formed The Elected and got signed to Sub Pop. Jenny Lewis joined with The Watson Twins to release an album under her own name. All of these solo projects had an almost country twang to them and often lacked the sheer indie pop brilliance that made Rilo Kiley great. Luckily, despite the solo work, Rilo Kiley have never broken up, and now Jason Boesel of the band is trying his own hand at songwriting with a record of his own, Hustler's Son, which is set for release by Team Love on January 12.

    Much like his bandmates Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett, Boesel's solo work feels a little more like a country singer-songwriter than a brilliant indie pop star. It starts to feel a little bit like Rilo Kiley are somehow more than the sum of its parts. But just because an album is disappointing, doesn't mean it's bad.

    Taken out of the context of "member of Rilo Kiley," the record is solid. It's easy to buy Boesel as a talented singer-songwriter who crafted a decent, heartfelt record. There's nothing that really jumps out or grabs the listener on this record, but it's a pleasant listen. However, let's throw back in that Rilo Kiley context for a moment. Boesel is the drummer for the band. Trying his hand on songwriting and singing is a far cry from sitting behind the kit. A drummer trying his hand at songwriting is almost a recipe for low expectations, but Boesel pulls it off. Maybe it's because despite this being his solo debut, it's not his first time writing or singing (he contributed to two tracks in this manner on Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band's Outer South last year). Or maybe he's just picked up something great from the numerous bands that he has drummed for over the years.

    Track Listing

    1. Black Waves
    2. Hand Of God
    3. French Kissing
    4. Burned Out and Busted
    5. New World Mama
    6. Miracles
    7. Hustlers Son
    8. Getting Healthy (Good Luck)
    9. I Got The Reason
    10. Was It, Man
    11. Winking Eyes
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