released Jan 12, 2010

from the album - I Get It In

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B2K lead vocalist Omarion (born Omari Ismael Grandberry) went solo in 2005 with O, featuring production help from the Neptunes, Rodney Jerkins, and the Underdogs. The title track, released as the lead single, helped send the album to the top of the Billboard 200 chart. His second album, 21, followed in late 2006 and was kicked off by an excellent Timbaland production, the Top 20 single "Ice Box." His next move was Face Off, a full-length collaboration with Bow Wow released in December 2007. Following a split with Sony BMG, he signed with EMI, where he released 2010's Ollusion. Also an actor, Omarion appeared in the movie version of Fat Albert, as well as You Got Served, The Bernie Mac Show, Cuts, and Feel the Noise.

album review

Omarion’s first two solo albums topped the R&B and Billboard 200 charts, so it is a little surprising that he took over three years to release his third. The singer wasn’t twiddling his thumbs, though. He recorded 2007’s Face Off with Bow Wow — promoted by a BET special titled The Road to Platinum, it went gold — and continued his side career in films and on television. After a brief association with Lil Wayne's Young Money label, Omarion linked with EMI and established his StarWorld label for Ollusion, an album that thrives on sparse, tickling productions that are more about atmosphere than anything else. Clusters of synthetic handclaps, snares, and other slivers of percussion, along with impressionist-like use of keyboards and piano, are more prominent than busy and slick, heavily layered arrangements anchored by heavy kick drums and blasting bass. Almost all of these beats would be classified as snapping, slapping, or smacking before banging, flecked with details yet simultaneously somewhat half-assed-sounding. Given the number of partially detached vocals, filled with android-in-heat impersonations, clipped-phrase drop-ins, and messing around (best heard in “Temptation,” containing a hilarious flub around the three-minute mark), it’s as if Omarion wanted to make a concerted attempt to downplay his vocal ability, which only adds to the album’s weird, teasing charm. The lyrics are relatively straightforward, though the back half of one couplet (“You got me shootin’ like a porno/B*tch stick to me just like a bag of Fritos”) could be the product of a Mad Libs session. There’s only one sop to slick pop, “I Think My Girl Is Bi.” It’s easily the worst song on the album, ironically the disc’s only throwaway.

Track Listing

1. "I Get It In" (featuring Gucci Mane) Tank 3:08
2. "Last Night (Kinkos)" Tha Drummahz 3:09
3. "Hoodie" (featuring Jay Rock) 253 3:35
4. "What Do You Say" Battle Roy 3:39
5. "Speedin'" 253 4:24
6. "Temptation" 253 3:40
7. "Sweet Hangover" T-Pain 3:23
8. "Thee Interlude" (featuring Marques Houston) Marques Houston 1:09
9. "Wet" 253 5:30
10. "I Think My Girl Is Bi" Maddscientist 4:04
11. "Code Red" 253 2:32
12. "On My Grind" (featuring Tank) (Bonus track) Tank 3:26