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    Default chains of life

    the dark sides of my mind as i look into the sky

    thoughts of her are bitter as she begins to cry

    she doesent know I'm angry Screaming bout her lies

    but today will be the end and i hope nobody dies

    Screaming at the top of my LUNGS
    I feel the blood coursing thru my veins.

    holding onto my life while my feet are
    shakeled to these chains

    Here is where Life takes its toll

    tearing and Eating my Eternal Soul

    should i help or just sit by

    as i watch you ******* die

    Im just gonna watch.

    Thats just some of what i just wrote down in the last 10 min.
    It's one of my first attempts at writting a song and i decided to incorporate a couple different singing styles for more of an idea on how i heard the song in my head

    starts out with just vocal rap. once it gets to the 5th line its starts some screamo. 9th line is still screamo but screamo rap. and the last line is done in like a death metal vocal growl.

    It's short but i liked the way it sounded in my head so im gonna keep working on it.
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    Good effort !!

    I've never written a song, so I hereby challenge myself to write a hit. I'll think on this, then stun you all .

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    its really hard for me to write songs cause i constantly write in rhyme's for some reason evertime i try to write one.

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