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Thread: the cost of copyrighting

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    Default the cost of copyrighting

    Does anyone by any chance know of any discounts, grants, programs, scholarships, or even charities a financially struggling composer might apply for that might help someone curb the high cost of copyrighting a dozen or more songs?

    Right now, on my budget, I can only afford to copyright one song a month. Maybe there is some advocacy group out there who will do it for free if I ask nicely and they like my work?

    I'm probably dreaming, but, u know, it doesn't hurt to ask.

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    Default An Idea That Might Help

    Many years ago I used to write software with a team of people in the UK. We had a problem with copyrights and costs, we took advice and were given the following solution to the problem.......................Take a copy of the item you wish to copyright , sign it and date it................put it in an envelop and seal it............send it to yourself by recorded delivery ( This is when you must sign for it when it is delivered ! ) Keep this sealed in a safe. If a copyright matter occurs take this to court and have it opened in court.................this will take the form of proof of the date at which you first documented that you had this idea or wrote this song......It is not expensive and in the UK works...................hope this helps
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    Default Copywriting

    The sealed envelope method has log been referred to in the US as the "Poor Man's Copywrite". I use this method myself. I was advised by an attorney, however to sign the envelope across the seal as well.


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    That sounds like a great idea! I'd much rather spend what little I have on much needed musical equipment than on a bunch of paperwork.

    Thanks for the advice! I'm lovn this idea!

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    yes, coming from a book publishing previous job role. This method was also used on published authors. In fact, several copies were often sent to different people, to provide a number of future copyright evidence.
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    i wish it didn't cost money to claim your own work!

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