from spinner

Doug Fieger, frontman for the Knack, is reportedly dying. According to the Detroit News, the man behind 1979's classic 'My Sharona' and its parent album 'Get the Knack' has lung and brain cancer.

Still, Fieger, 57, has a pretty positive outlook on his mortality, considering the three craniotomies and whole-brain radiation he has endured. "Everybody is in the same spot," the Southern California-based rocker told the paper. "I just know there is something that will potentially end my time here."

Fieger, who had a piece of his lung removed in 2004 and has been diagnosed with 22 brain tumors, says he's weak but pain-free. For now, Doug -- who topped the singles charts for six weeks with 'Sharona' and ultimately sold 6 million copies of the band's debut album -- is confident he will get enough strength to play his many guitars.

He's said he is prepared to die "if that's the case" but he noted that his grandmother lived for 21 years after she was diagnosed with cancer. He's also ready to stay, and he dismisses the notion of a worst-case scenario. "I'm not sure it's the worst," he said of dying. "When we get there, we might kick ourselves and say, 'Why didn't I show up sooner?'"