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Oklahoma oddballs The Flaming Lips have returned to their hometown for a spectacular New Year show.

The Flaming Lips are one of the most spectacular live outfits in modern rock. From their roots as psychedelic freak out merchants to their later mainstream success the band have specialised in frying minds wherever they go.

Now the band have chosen to cover Pink Floyd's seminal album 'The Dark Side Of The Moon'. Released in 1973 the album is one of the most successful of all time, helping to turn prog rock into a commercial concern.

Given The Flaming Lips touch, the band covered the album in its entirety releasing the result at the stroke of midnight on December 31st. Coming after a special hometown show, Wayne Coyne spoke to BBC 6Music about their experience of 2009.

Releasing an experimental new album and touring widely, The Flaming Lips were difficult to avoid in 2009. However singer Wayne Coyne admitted that he still loves pop music.

“I would say there are elements that are more pop for sure, then this record" the frontman told BBC 6Music.

"I think there’s a segment of our audience that could just expect whatever happened. They would know that we have a tendency to be more experimental, that we can be poppy, but there’s no way around us being the weirdos that we really are.”

Promising a host of surprises from their New Year's Eve ball, the Flaming Lips songwriter claimed that the group have no boundaries.

“I don’t think we ever restricted ourselves with thinking, 'Ooh, this is getting too weird'."

"Maybe with the Flaming Lips, maybe that gets a little bit easier than with Gwen Stefani. I don’t know, but for us, if we think something is too weird, we go 'Alright!'"