The music world is not just in the sense, that right artists always get the the right maount of praise. And its not only in popular music, where pure hazard, image, or other nonmusical factors condition the way artists are received and how widely their work is aknowledged in the public.
Such artists as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Muddy Waters or Aretha Franklin certainly gain wide audience throughout their careers, such artists as Monk had their just share only when having there for some time, some artist get it only after their gone. And ofcourse, there are those, who get it too much, but we dont have to care about that. What is interesting, on the contrary, are those artists, who still, for some reason seem to be unnoticed, underrated, and so on. So I decided to open this thread for you to name your candidates for such artsists on the field of rhytmic and improvised musics.
To me it seems, that the media overexaggerates the differences between artists very easily. Miles, surely, was very great, no doubt, but related to the amount of popularity he gained and still rightly posseses he is not so different from some little lesser players, of whom nobodys perhaps even ever heard of...
And perhaps some even as great as the superstars themselves???

I idea came to me when I came up with Sonny Simmons and Prince Lasha. I immediatly fell in love with their stuff (and Simmons is still live and kickin and pushing out some serious playing). But it was the first time I ever heard of this stuff, though Ive been digging jazz and related music for some ten years and intentionally searching for new! And they were doing their thing in the 60s!!
So there must be many of these cats out there, i concluded.