You can include the entire bill or just select performances, your choice.

Elton John and Kiki Dee - Cow Palace, San Francisco - 1974

This was the second or third concert I'd ever attended and it was amazing. Kiki Dee was a good opener but Elton and band stole the show. This was a tour after Goodbye Yellow Brick Road came out and he opened with Funeral For A Friend/Candle In The Wind. I'll always remember the waves of synth washing over me at the opening, dim blue spots lighting a stage covered in fog. The first note from the piano queued a brilliant spot and there he was. It only improved from there and is one of my favorite concerts.

DEVO - The Old Waldorf, San Francisco - 1977 ??

The tour supporting Q:Are We No Men? A: We Are Devo! It was a lot of fun. They ran off the stage across the tables that radiated out from it. They were manic and loads of fun. The sound quality was good but not great, but it was still wonderful.

Girl In A Coma - MACLA, San Jose, CA 2008

I went to see them mainly on the strength of one song and I didn't really know the rest of their work. Nina the singer/guitarist was amazing. Her facial expressions during the performance were raw and evocative. She was like a wind animal on stage snarling yet still singing quite well. There were only about 40 of us in the club at the time of the show but they still played as if the place were packed.

House Of Large Sizes, 20 Minute Loop - Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco 2003 ??

Great performance, lots of energy, wonderful stage presence and a keen desire to perform shown by both bands. Very different styles but somehow they fit together.

The Mutaytor and Gooferman, Burning Man 2008

This was more of an entire show rather than just a performance in a somewhat battle of the bands style. The bands traded off the stage every two or three songs challenging each other to pull out all the stops. During each of their performances circus, fire and acrobatic types acts performed to the music raising the performance above just a band playing to a total experience. The bands took the stage together for the last two songs and blew the audience away.

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