Hey guys, this has been bothering me all day. Normally I get songs stuck in my head and can't get them out. But instead today I got a music video stuck in my head and for the life of me, I can't remember anything of it except for a small bit of the video, not even any lyrics.

The part of the video I remember is I believe the beginning where it shows the singer staring straight at the camera, singing with a blank expression, and then it switches scenes, with the singer in a different outfit, but same expression and position, and then it just keeps happening.

One part I am not sure if actually was part of this video or is a different one, but basically at the end I believe it ends with the whole band in the bottom of a dried out pool. (this may or may not actually be part of the video)

and sadly that is all I remember about the video, any help you guys can give would be great. Thanks in advanced!