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John Lydon has blasted Coldplay and Radiohead for being 'soulless' and not caring about their fans.

The former Sex Pistols frontman Ė also known as Johnny Rotten Ė thinks the two hugely successful bands are 'pointless' and lack 'heart and soul'.

He fumed to BBC radio station 6 Music: 'Coldplay and Radiohead bug the hell out of me because itís so soulless. It just seems pointless. Itís nice but itís tosh. They donít care about you. They care about lining their coffers.

'Thereís nothing about heart and soul, they donít know about heart and soul, they donít know about people dying, living and aspiring.'

The punk singerís offhand opinion may not be entirely founded, as Radiohead famously released their last album, 'In Rainbowsí, to fans on a pay-what-you Ėlike basis Ė with many choosing to pay nothing.

Coldplay are currently holed up in a London church writing a 'low-key' new album, as frontman Chris Martin is worried about alienating his fans with the bandís the epic sound of their last record 'Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friendsí.

A source said: 'Chris is determined not to be seen as a huge commercial rock juggernaut, filling stadiums and cashing in.

"The plan is to keep them as close to their fans as possible. The band is keen to make hay while the sun shines.

"They have hit a rich vein with their songwriting and feel more creative than ever."