released Dec 15th

from the album - Sex Therapy
YouTube - Robin Thicke - Sex Therapy - Official Music Video (HQ)

review from concrete loop

Robin Thicke made a name for himself as a blue-eyed soul man, but
he chops it up on his latest album, “Sex Therapy: The Experience.” He kicks off the deluxe edition of the raunchy release with the clever “911,” an elevator-music jazz number that tells the audience that the “doctor will be right with you.” He follows that up with an old-school, breathy ode to the woman that he wants to make “Mrs. Sexy.” With a mellow groove, the opener harkens back to the good ol’ days of R&B.

With Polow Da Don at the helm, serving up a beat that knocks like a de-stressed version of Ciara’s “Promise,” first single “Sex Therapy” is a bedroom jam that would make any woman jump Thicke’s bones. Crooning in a delicate falsetto, Robin entreats his lady to let him take her away into a better place—the doctor’s in on this one.

Sex Therapy takes a swerve with “Meiplé,” an attempt at a hip-hop jam that sports guest verses from Jay-Z. Hov doles out some standard verses about his favorite females—including his own wife, Beyoncé. With a woman screeching French erotically in the backroom and Robin spitting out bland lyrics like, “I’mma treat you just like a lay-day,” “Meiplé” is a dull track.

Taking a page from fellow crooner Justin Timberlake, Robin lets out his inner dancer on “Make U Love Me.” The funk-driven groove is reminiscent of Timberlake’s “FutureSex/LoveSounds” era, but could use a bit more vocal effort. He does better on “It’s in the Mornin’,” a ballad describing his woman’s perfect body that sparkles with a bright piano melody.

Just because something is the latest rage, it doesn’t mean you should follow the trend. Case in point is “Shakin’ It 4 Daddy,” a Southern bass-led song that overpowers Thicke’s voice. Nicki Minaj, one of the latest members of Lil’ Wayne’s Young Money crew, has little vocal chemistry with Thicke on a song that needs sexual tension to make it work. Robin tries to hop on the hip-hop bandwagon again with “Elevatas,” with Kid Cudi stopping by to deliver a verse. The choppy, robotic beat contrasts sharply with the sultry notes of the singer’s voice—he should take note of his past success and stick to R&B melodies.

Robin’s much better off when he returns to the formula of his biggest hit, “Lost Without U.” “Start With a Kiss” is an erotic interlude that sets the stage for the Estelle feature, “Rollacoasta.” Even though the lyrics are generic, with the pair wishing for each other to take them to the “top,” it’s undeniable that Estelle and Thicke’s vocals are R&B heaven when matched against each other.

The album’s best cut is “Million Dolla Baby,” featuring Jazmine
Sullivan. It sounds straight out of a ’70s R&B album and lets both singers shine over a smooth, yet funky, keyboard-laden beat. “2 Luv Birds” tells the moving story of a love gone wrong, while “I Got U” poorly reworks album opener “911” with maracas and a laid-back Latin groove. “Jus Right” is a throwback to Thicke’s past work with the Neptunes, a sleek dedication to one special lady.

“Mona Lisa” finds Robin debating whether or not he should pursue the object of his affections. While its sparse beat is good, its sound replicates “Lost Without U” yet again and doesn’t match up to that song’s appeal. “Brand New Luv” literally sounds like a continuation of “Mona Lisa” and is nothing remarkable. "Diamonds,” featuring California rapper Game, closes out the set on a high note. Robin’s dulcet vocals ride well over the fluttering beat that surges with his lyrics.

So, just how was your “Sex Therapy”? I liked it, though “the
experience” could have been cut down to a better overall form. Thicke has experimented with the dirty, hip-hop edge and the sexy, bedroom vibe and come out with an interesting combination.

Track listing

1 Mrs. Sexy Green, Thicke 4:23
2 Sex Therapy Gluck, H. Wiener, Thicke 4:35
3 Meiplé Riviere, Thicke 4:02
4 Make U Love Me Thicke 3:02
5 It's in the Mornin Broadus, Mathis, Riley, Thicke 3:01
6 Shakin' It 4 Daddy Minaj, Thicke 3:52
7 Elevatas Bhasker, Mescudi, Thicke 4:39
8 Rollacoasta Bhasker, Swaray, Thicke 4:14
9 Million Dolla Baby Harrell, Thicke 3:11
10 2 Luv Birds Harris, Thicke 3:36
11 Jus Right Thicke 2:50
12 Diamonds Thicke 4:06