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    Wink Wazzabi

    Hey people!!!! whats up? Hope all is well with all of you- as far as music goes i am pretty much into everything - but the most common music i listen to now a days are reggae, dancehall and hiphop - pretty much anything i can move 2, but i think its all a state of mood, because music pretty much goes with whatever mood you are in at the time of listening - anyways hope to meet all of you and share some good music!

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    Hi Sarah, & welcome to MD.

    Does that mean you live between Miami & Jamaica, or is there a Miami in Jamaica ?

    Anyway, hope you enjoy the site, & I look forward to getting to know you...

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    Welcome to the site sarah smile
    A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.
    Will Rogers

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    Hi Tiggi and Music Head!
    Thanks for the welcome, I am liking it here so far, still on the probation period, but it needs to be done!
    No Tiggi there is not a Jamaica in Miami, although there should be with the amount of Jamaicans in miami .... lol!!! I am between Jamaica and Miami, although i am based in miami a lot more - and just in Jamaica for vacation

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    Sarah Smile! Niiiiiiiiiice one Music Head! I was actually named after that song

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    welcome to md
    With Regards...


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