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    from rolling stone

    Last September, on the same day the Beatles’ remastered albums hit stores, Harmonix and MTV Games unleashed The Beatles: Rock Band, the first Rock Band title branded to one group. In 2010 the act that swept all three categories in Rolling Stone’s Decade-End Readers’ Poll — Green Day — will join them with the second-ever Rock Band special edition game for Xbox 360, PlayStation and Wii.

    “We’ve worked with the Rock Band team in the past year to enable our fans to play tracks from 21st Century Breakdown, and we’re excited to now be working on a game, spanning our entire career,” Billie Joe Armstrong said in a statement. “We want people to fire this up, choose their favorite Green Day tracks, and play along with us as Rock Band avatars so they can feel what it’s like to perform onstage as Green Day.”

    Like The Beatles: Rock Band, the Green Day game will allow players to put themselves in venues and environments specific to the NoCal trio, and will feature key moments from the band’s three-decade career.

    No track list has been revealed yet, but all songs playable on Green Day: Rock Band will be exportable to Rock Band and Rock Band 2 for XBox and PlayStation users. Three more 21st Century Breakdown will hit the game’s store on December 15th as a bit of a preview: “Christian’s Inferno,” “Last of the American Girls” and “ˇViva La Gloria!” The band’s “Know Your Enemy,” plus “21 Guns” and “East Jesus Nowhere” joined the game’s playlist in July.
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