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    How is this forum? Active? I hope so. I've been looking for a good music discussion forum for a while. I'm a big blues fan, and a big punk fan. I also listen to a lot of rock and some metal. Just for a sweeping generalization of what I listen to. As I hang around more, you guys will get to know my tastes more. Hope this is a good forum.

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    Hi misfithitman, & welcome.

    Any music forum depends on members posting, so I hope we'll see you often.

    Punk & Blues mostly ?? That's a fairly unusual combination. My tastes cover both, and much else besides.

    From the time of your post, I'd assume you're not in the UK.

    Look forward to getting to know you.

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    Hi mate, You can certainly help make this a good forum by sticking around and meeting the quality members that are around.
    With Regards...


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