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Thread: AMAZING Christmas music!

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    This manís voice is absolutely breathtaking. Iíve never been too huge a fan of classical opera, but I literally have to reach for my inhaler when I listen to Andrea Bocelliís music. His voice is out of this world. I was ecstatic to hear that he finally released his own Christmas album! Has anyone else heard it yet? If not, I highly suggest that you doÖ just sharing the love!

    Check it out and let me know what you think, My Christmas: Andrea Bocelli: Music

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    or you can just listen here

    YouTube - White Christmas
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    He hasn't got the best voice in my opinion. He is popular because he has moved away from traditional Opera, and sings to more modern popular music. I do enjoy some of his songs including the more famous 'Time to say Goodbye'.

    The song 'White Christmas', personally I just can't stand it. But that is because it is a Christmas song that has been plugged and plugged. I honestly don't need to say anything about the video.... The jumpers they are wearing says it all.
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