Hello and nice to meet you all. I write here because we are making a project and we need to find one band for it. I mean, a complete band with some recorded songs. i would like to find something in the way of blink 182 or green day, but if you play another genre it could be ok aniway. If you play pop music its ok too, since the idea is to listen and to be open to different genres, so for those who dont play that exactly genre they can contact me aniway. Yes its necessary like i said, to be open and ready to work since if you join us and we begin with the project so we have to make it to the end. Its also necessary to have at least 2 own songs recorded, no covers from another band, and if you have more thats perfect.
If theres somebody out there who feels interested, you can send a private message, so we can contact each other and i will give you more information.
Thank you very much