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    from rolling stone

    In the new issue of Rolling Stone, we go inside the rift that threatens to tear Aerosmith apart, as Steven Tyler has openly stated he wants to take two years off to work on “Brand Tyler,” leaving the remaining members of the band to ponder recruiting a new lead singer for their upcoming 40th anniversary. In Aerosmith in Turmoil: Behind the Story, Rolling Stone interviews Joe Perry, Joey Kramer, Brad Whitford and longtime A&R rep John Kalodner to get their take on the state of Aerosmith, the hunt for a new singer and whether Tyler’s sobriety is to blame.

    The roots of the band’s fallout stem back to when Tyler fell off the stage during a concert in Sturgis, South Dakota, this past summer, but Whitford tells Rolling Stone “there’s been a serious lack of commitment on [Tyler's] part for a while. We’ve been trying to make an album for a few years and he’s been the guy that suddenly one day he just doesn’t show and the next thing we know he doesn’t want to work, he doesn’t like the producer, whatever.”
    The band has also been divided regarding the sound of their next album. While Tyler prefers the more radio-friendly pop hits, Perry is in favor of a sound closer to ’70s Aerosmith. Perry admits that he’s “not a big fan” of the band’s last album of original music, Just Push Play, and Kramer tells RS that the tracks the band had been working on with producer Brendan O’Brien “were probably closer to old school Aerosmith stuff like Toys or Rocks.”

    Perry, Kramer and Whitford all tell Rolling Stone that they haven’t had any direct communication with Tyler — the last time Perry called Tyler personally, the singer hung up on him — and instead rely on talking to Tyler’s management to relay messages to the frontman. Whitford and Kramer are both concerned that Tyler, who has a history of drug problems, might have relapsed. “His behavior suggests to me that he’s… he doesn’t act like a sober person,” Whitford says.

    As for recruiting a new singer, “anything is possible at this point,” Perry says. “We are still trying to figure it out. Steven has made it pretty clear; he wants to go off and do what he wants to do. But the band isn’t going to wait around. Aerosmith is too good a band to sit around and twiddle their thumbs.” Adds Kramer: “We have a 40th anniversary coming up and we all would like to celebrate that with our fans out on the road and everybody deserves to take part in that, and that’s what we’ve been talking about. There’s really no way to replace Steven but like I said, Joe and Brad and Tom and I plan to, we want to continue to tour.”
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    It will not be the same anymore without Steve. But the band has to move on with or without him I guess. All the best to them! Rock on guys.

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    Anyone that knows me, knows I am a HUGE Aerosmith fan, so I just have to put my 2 cents in here.

    This whole Aerosmith drama that’s been going on since the ill fated night in South Dakota is worse then a daily soap opera, I tell ya!!

    So, here is my take on this:

    If Steven wants to take 2 years off - whether it be to exercise the demons he is obviously wrestling with, or develop Brand Tyler, or even just to act his 61 years and relax by the pool - then so be it!!

    I am sorry kids, but Steven Tyler is Aerosmith, and Aerosmith is Steven Tyler.

    This year alone, Joe Perry has been busy touring with The Joe Perry Project, in support of his new solo effort and drummer, Joey Kramer, published his memoirs this year, which also saw him heading out on book tours to support that project. Members of bands have been branching out on solo projects to broaden their artistic horizons since the dawn of the music groups, and the members of Aerosmith doing that is no different. That being said, I am sorry Joe, Joey, Brad and Tom, if you think people will pay money to see Aerosmith without Tyler, you are way off on that notion. When I purchased a ticket for the now ill-fated summer 2009 tour, I happily paid $200 (Canadian) for a choice seat, 5th row center stage, and will happily do it again, so long as it’s Tyler center stage, strutting that catwalk, but only Tyler fronting the band, not a “stand in”.

    Does anyone remember the release back in ’82, Rock In A Hard Place? That was the only release without Joe Perry, and it SUCKED!! It just wasn’t Aerosmith, not the same feel, same sound and it showed. Anything called Aerosmith without the “King of Scream” Steven Tyler is NOT Aerosmith.

    Fear not folks, this is just typical ups and downs in any long term marriage, and that’s just what Aerosmith is, a 39 year marriage, and after everyone is done sulking, and pouting, they will kiss and makeup and get their asses back out there rocking .. as a family of 5 and I for one will happily fork out my hard earned money to be there!!!
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    That would suck if they were no more!
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