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Thread: The Steve Morse Band- Out Standing In Their Field

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    The Steve Morse Band is back everyone! I’ve loved Steve Morse since Deep Purple and this new album “Out Standing In Their Field” is amazing. It has a diverse sound spectrum, twisting together elements of rock, country, jazz, funk and classical. Is anyone else a fan of the Steve Morse Band? I definitely recommend it to any old school Deep Purple fan or those who love classic rock!
    Out Standing In Their Field by Steve Morse Band - Download Out Standing In Their Field on iTunes

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    I don't know how old this post is...just going through the threads and spotted it.

    Steve is amazing! I picked up Stressfest on a whim at a second hand shop, skeptical of what i was going to hear but i knew the name because John Petrucci of Dream Theater says he's his favourite. I was blown away, Stave and Dave make an excellent combination and it's good to see a band that knows how to use a bass and let him fly on his own with some sweet solo's.

    The Major Impact albums are one of the coolest concepts i've seen done. True story: i was washing the dishes and a song came on and got me wondering "what Led Zeppelin song is this?' make my way over, it's Led On by Morse. He's so good at capturing the sound and energy of other artists all the while making it his own.

    Out Standing in Their Fields is a great album and it shows he's still on top of his game.

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