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from the album - Gotta Get It
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New Orleans-based gangsta rapper Juvenile was born Terius Gray. After beginning his performing career while in his teens, he released a 1995 album on Warlock titled Being Myself. He eventually crossed paths with Cash Money label owners Ronald "Suga Slim" and Brian "Baby" Williams, who issued 1996's Solja Rags; the album became a major underground hit, and set the stage for the release of 1998's 400 Degreez. In 1999, with Juvenile's popularity growing, Solja Rags was reissued nationally, and Warlock jumped on the bandwagon with a remixed version of Being Myself. The year ended with the release of a new studio effort, Tha G-Code, followed by Project English two years later in 2001. In 2002 he left Cash Money and formed his own collective, the UTP Playas (Uptown Project Playas), with whom he recorded a posse album, The Compilation. The album went nowhere and a year later he was back on Cash Money and releasing Juve the Great, which featured the chart-topping hit "Slow Motion." The 2005 "Noila Clap" single from the UTP Playas was another big track, and Juvenile was ready once again to shop for a new label. As he was signing a new contract with Asylum, his Slidell, LA, home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The hurricane and its grim aftermath were hot topics on his chart-topping 2006 album Reality Check. Three years later he returned with Cocky and Confident.

album review

Shaking off the personal tragedy of losing his four-year-old daughter to gun violence a year earlier, Juvenile’s 2009 effort is just what it says on the cover. Cocky & Confident is also a return to form for the rapper, filled with the street music and club tracks that helped launch his career, along with all the provocative sniping that Juvy always nails. During the opening title track it’s “If you a pitbull/I’m Mike Vick,” while later, during the Dirty South triumph that’s “I’m Out Chere,” it’s the flat-out admittance that “I’m no humanitarian” before some bragging about his gear begins with “All white Guccis like an Aryan.” The bedroom numbers like “Make U Feel Alright” with Kango Slim work just as well, balancing polish and pimp attitude with skill, and while the social commentary found on Reality Check is missed, there’s the overall feeling that Juvy isn’t ready or willing to deal with heavy topics at this point. That’s fine since he actually sounds exhilarated and — as he declares during the title track — “reJuvynated” to be getting back to more lighthearted material.

Track Listing
1 Cocky and Confident 2:49
2 Gotta Get it 4:04
3 Back Back Smith 4:00
4 We Be Getting Money Williams 4:48
5 My Money Don't Fold Patterson, Williams 4:36
6 Feeling Right Williams 3:52
7 Top of the Line Allen 4:10
8 Make U Feel Alright Jones, Smith, Williams 4:01
9 It's All Hood Smith 3:40
10 New Orleans Stunna Tupolo 3:23
11 All Over You Williams 3:01
12 You Can't Stop Me Patterson, Williams 3:43
13 Break It Down Smith 3:35
14 I'm Out Chere Butler 3:54
15 I'm Shining Allen 3:37
16 I Say 3:43
17 Everything Williams 4:06
18 Hands on You Williams 3:33
19 Listen 3:48