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    Default Allison Iraheta - Just Like You

    released Dec 1st

    from the album
    YouTube - Allison Iraheta - "Friday I'll Be Over U"

    from amg

    Boasting mature, rock-influenced vocals that belied her young age, 17 year-old Allison Iraheta became the most popular female in American Idol's 2009 season. The daughter of Salvadorian parents, she logged numerous performances in the Latino community before her multi-month run on Idol, even winning a bilingual singing competition on the Telemundo network in 2006. American Idol proved to be her launching pad, however, as she finished in fourth place behind contenders Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert, and Kris Allen. During a summer tour with the entire cast, Iraheta became one of the season's first singers to land a record deal, securing representation with 19/Jive Records in early June. She then set to work on her debut album, releasing her first single -- the Max Martin-penned "Friday I'll Be Over U" -- several months after the tour's conclusion.

    album review

    The spunky kid sister to Kris Allen and Adam Lambert on season eight of American Idol, Allison Iraheta was the bridge between Allen’s sweet, sincere balladeering and Lambert’s arch camp. She still had some of Adam’s spice but could be packaged like Kris, not unlike her clear forebear Kelly Clarkson, who proved that sass could be bottled and sold. Just Like You is cut from the same cloth as Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” mode, all walls of guitars and huge Max Martin-styled hooks, some of which are indeed written by Martin himself, including the album’s standout, “Friday I’ll Be Over U.” When things slow down, Iraheta drifts into P!nk mode, assisted by the singer/songwriter herself on “No One Else” but not on the bluesy ballad “Scars," which is otherwise a dead ringer for P!nk. Allison may strongly resemble her idols here, but chalk that up to youth and it doesn’t prevent her from conveying considerable charisma. Unlike many Idol-raised divas, Allison Iraheta has a persona, singing with force and personality, coming alive with the right songs — those Martin tunes, “Friday I’ll Be Over U” and “Just Like You,” “Don’t Waste the Pretty,” and fellow reality show contestant Dilana’s “Holiday.”

    Track Listing
    1 Friday I'll Be Over U Kotecha, Martin, Shellback 3:16
    2 Robot Love Bright, Felder, Glitter ... 2:54
    3 Just Like You Kotecha, Martin, Shellback 3:36
    4 Don't Waste the Pretty Nervo, Nervo, Ridel, Smith 3:33
    5 Scars Gad, James 3:41
    6 Pieces Haywood, James, Pieken 3:44
    7 D Is for Dangerous Biancaniello, Biancaniello ... 3:33
    8 Holiday Bassett, Smith 3:44
    9 Still Breathing Eze, Henriksen 3:05
    10 Trouble Is Aniello, Pieken, Proal 4:00
    11 No One Else DioGuardi, Moore, Wells 4:00
    12 Beat Me Up Kasher, Rudolf 2:45
    13 You Don't Know Me Allan, David Bassett, Hodges ... 2:34
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