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Back to business

Sting has come out with a breathtaking new Christmas album. It’s not you’re typical feel good, lovey dovey, “Good will toward men” album. It’s a very deep and heartfelt compilation. He teams up with a classical composer on a few of the songs that give a felt warm and rich tone to the album. Some of the songs have a darker and haunting feel, but it fits well. There are also influences from J.S. Bach. It’s definitely a refreshing piece from the normal “Sprinkle Holiday” mixes that normally saturate the market during this season. Fans will enjoy seeing this more thoughtful and contemplative side of Gordon. If On a Winter's Night... (Bonus Track Version) by Sting - Download If On a Winter's Night... (Bonus Track Version) on iTunes Others who have purchased this album, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it as well. I think it suits Sting well, do you?