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Thread: Run The Jewels "run the jewels 3"

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    Default Run The Jewels "run the jewels 3"

    Run The Jewels "run the jewels 3"

    Spotify listen:

    third album from this US rap/hip-hop duo...
    their first two albums had the highly imaginative titles
    "run the jewels 1" and "run the jewels 2", so this one's title
    makes perfect laying money on their next being
    called "run the jewels 4", any takers?...
    lots of tracks on here with a social conscience...
    none of the bitches, hoes, niggaz crap on here, well, bitch/bitches gets mentioned
    on a couple of the songs...
    the f-bomb is dropped on occasion but its in context with what theyre rapping about...
    this is not a bad album on a first up listen

    from the album:

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    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #35

    yea the vulgarity is rare compared to most
    of course you have to use nigga on occasion to remain legit
    some meat on this album once you get past the broth
    is that a new fist bump thing or are they playing rock, paper, scissors?

    CH clip showed as the first single
    here's the second

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    "paper rock scissors"...LMAO!

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