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Thread: Waters on tour again.

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    Default Waters on tour again.

    After his marathon 'The Wall' tour which I managed to catch in Dublin, (the visuals were quite incredible), Waters is going out on tour again.
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    as you may recall, when he toured here with The Wall tour, both Dani and myself succumb to the dreaded Gastro and couldn't go,
    hopefully, he'll make it to these shores again and we'll get the chance to finally see him live, well me anyway, Dani has previously seen PF here.

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    He needs to give The Wall a rest. He has basically been living off it for the last 30 years.

    Fortunately, the blurb about the new tour suggests that he might be doing something different this time, which is welcome.

    I'm a bit annoyed by the phrase "The creative genius behind Pink Floyd". It's the "the" that bothers me. He was ONE of the creative geniuses.
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