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Thread: Blackberry Smoke "like an arrow"

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    Default Blackberry Smoke "like an arrow"

    Blackberry Smoke "like an arrow"

    Spotify listen:

    loved their last album "holding all the roses" and the first single
    off this album "let it burn" (previously posted on the forum)...
    album has a nice mix of songs here including Southern Rock,
    blues, country and my favourite track (posted below) which has an almost
    Steve Miller/Eric Clapton quality to it....
    a good album on first listen, but not as good as the previous album
    on that first up listen...

    from the album:

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    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #12

    courtesy of lastfm and youtube

    unreal this comes in #1 Country
    will never understand those charts
    anyway, good album
    and good to hear Greg Allman on the last track


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    I don't get the whole "country chart" thing neither, it seems like if youre a Southerner, youre automatically entitled to appear
    on a country chart???
    I own their last album, will own this one also, have heard quite a few other tracks by them on Spotify or YT and maybe 10% could
    loosely be described as country, Southern Rock - most definitely.

    glad you liked it, still prefer "holding all the roses" better though.

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    I saw them in Myrtle Beach at the HOB with DAC.
    We liked them. They sounded country back then.

    Modern Country: You don't have to stay in key. They will put you in key.. Merle Haggard

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