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    What are some songs down through the years that you feel should've been hits, but the record buying public didn't?...Never Could You Be-The Impressions...I'm Still Waiting-Patti LaBelle And The Blue-belles...I'm Not In Love-Dee Dee Sharp...No Fair Falling In Love-Jerry Butler...Without A Doubt-Major Lance...Looky Looky-The O'Jays.

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    I can't say whether any of those songs are under-rated because I have never heard any of them :D

    Frankly, most of the songs I own on record were never real hits, so I could just about answer your question by listing most of the songs on albums that I own.

    To give just one example though: Bob Lind recorded two albums in 1966, and nearly every song on those albums is magnificent, yet he only ever had the one hit: Elusive Butterfly. Here's one that wasn't a hit and bloody well should have been:

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    To me, everything from my newest favorite is under rated, I love the late beautiful precious Billy Joe Royal SO much!!!

    God bless you and his family always!!!

    Listen to my most favorite singer here sometime, James Otto that is!

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