released Nov 23rd

from the album - Money To Blow

from amg

When he's doing business, Cash Money Records CEO Bryan Williams uses his real name, but when he grabs the mic to spit Dirty South raps, Williams goes by the names Birdman or Baby. Williams formed Cash Money in 1991 with his brother Ronald "Slim" Williams. Releases by B.G., the Hot Boys, Juvenile, and many others built the Cash Money empire into a Dirty South powerhouse. Williams himself displayed his vocal skills on the Hot Boys albums, but it was with Cash Money's in-house producer, Mannie Fresh, that he really made his mark. The two formed the group Big Tymers in 1997 and made of series of albums that became Dirty South favorites. He broke out on his own with Baby aka the #1 Stunna in 2002. After the album's release, he oversaw an urban footwear collection for the Lugz company, narrated the video game Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition, and appeared in the 2005 movie Beauty Shop. Three years after his solo debut, Birdman released his second solo album, Fast Money. In 2006 he teamed with his "surrogate son," Lil Wayne, for Like Father, Like Son.

album review from ihiphop

Owning your own record label can sometimes mean that occasionally, you have to dig in, and get your hands dirty in order to keep the ship afloat, and so is the case with Bryan “Birdman” Williams, as he gets back into ‘artist mode’ with his new album, Pricele$$.

Also, if you’re the owner of a successful label, odds are that you’re a smart individual, and Birdman is certainly that, because his latest offering has his number one, (and only) bread winner, Lil Wayne and Drake (of course) tattered all over it.

Besides the Young Money affiliates, Birdman invites the likes of T-Pain and Bun B to the gala affair as well.
Using the smart approach, Birdman treads carefully, and only has a few songs where he’s by his lonesome.

You can hear Drake and [Lil] Wayne carrying the album on contributions like, ‘Money To Blow,’ ‘Priceless,’ ‘Bring It Back,’ and ‘Mo Milly’ (which features Bun B and Drake).

Surprisingly, one of the standout tracks on the album is a song where Birdman goes it alone in ‘Nightclub.’

Using his redundant subject matter of being a million dollar hustler, the Cash Money head honcho does a decent job at controlling the tempo, and riding the well-produced track over a somewhat melodic hook.

Other songs that Birdman deems as ‘priceless’ are ‘Shinin’ (feat. T-Pain and Autotune), ‘Hustle’ (feat. Gudda) and ‘Money Machine.’

Filled with tales of money stacks taller than Yao Ming, and more exotic cars than the car dealership itself, Pricele$$ is just what you would expect to hear coming from ‘Stunna Sr.’

In the end, Pricele$$ is more like a platform for Lil Wayne and Drake to further their movement, along with showcasing some solid production by some boardsmen you may not have heard of.

As the face of a million dollar outfit, your primary goal is to focus on the assets that generate the most income, and Birdman surely doesn’t lack in the salesman department, as he sets up his earners with another stage for guaranteed advertisement.

Track Listing
1 Southside
2 Everything I Do
3 Money To Make
4 Priceless
5 Get Money
6 Written On Her
7 Be So Hard
8 What Dat Iz
9 Money To Blow
10 Bring It Back
11 Always Strapped
12 I Want It All