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Thread: Bob Weir "blue mountain"

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    Default Bob Weir "blue mountain"

    Bob Weir "blue mountain"

    Spotify listen:

    vocals for Grateful Dead...
    folky acoustic solo set....
    vocals sound like Nick Cave for the most part, kind
    of deep, dark and solomn..
    melody of most songs are in the Cave mold also...
    I only have one Dead album and nothing else from his
    career but that changes with this one...'its on the
    "to purchase" list...

    from the album:

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    I got it, like it. Instrumentation is very good and I agree with Crazy-Horses description of the vocals

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    thanks R_burke....
    im always worried when I post "similar vocals to...." or "sounds like..." because we all have different opinions, its nice for someone to validate what I think.

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    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #14

    Spotify spin

    very nice album
    would be on my list
    certainly better than any Grateful Dead album I have heard (sorry deadheads)
    I see where Bob has developed a relationship with The National
    2 members appear on here and they are his backing tour band

    a just posted live clip of the title track from a hotel bar
    I assume smoking is allowed

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