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Thread: Bruno Mars "24K magic"

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    Default Bruno Mars "24K magic"

    Bruno Mars "24K magic"

    starts off with a bit of vocoder effects...
    and that's as good as it gets...
    a big disappointment for me and im a fan!...
    uses "shit" and "bitches" in it...
    mentions gangsters...
    sounds like he reached his peak already,
    will be interesting to hear if the whole album is like this
    or if its a one off track?!
    regardless of how good or bad it is, we can all assume it will be #1
    all over the world in the next couple of weeks..
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    debuts at a lowly #9 on the UK charts this week, would have thought it would have been at least #2.

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    enters the Billboard Hot 100 Songs chart this week at #5

    I don't like it
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    i thought it was only me who was sooooo disappointed with it,
    it aint patch on anything on his first two albums....
    I just hope that's the only blip on the new one.

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