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Thread: Teddy Mac "you make me feel so young"

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    Default Teddy Mac "you make me feel so young"

    Teddy Mac "you make me feel so young"

    debuts at #43 on the UK charts this week...
    saw this guy and his son on one of the morning news shows last week...
    Teddy suffers from dementia and about the only thing he can remember are the songs he grew up with,
    anyway, his son took him out of the hospice as he does on weekends and videoed him singing all the old songs
    as they drove around and uploaded the clips for his family and friends...
    so, somewhere along the line a couple of weeks ago a record company heard about it and got Teddy in the studio to record
    some of those old songs with the money raised going to his future care and the care of others with similar diseases...
    here is the first track released, a cover of the old Sinatra classic...

    gotta love Teddy's voice IMO, he sure knows how to sing.

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    heres part of the dashcam footage that the world appears to have fallen in love with:

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