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Thread: Artists Of Then, Now & Forever - Forever Country

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    Default Artists Of Then, Now & Forever - Forever Country

    enters the Billboard Hot 100 Songs chart this week at #24

    I don't like it
    a medley of 3 classic songs
    performed by a few legitimate country artists
    and a bunch of pretenders
    if you like those songs
    don't buy this
    buy them by
    John Denver, Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton

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    This clip does give me goosebumps, especially when Randy Travis is shown at the beginning, but sadly the recording loses me when it slows down near the end. In my opinion, it should've kept on going the way that it started out. To me, slowing the song down only makes it sound like country music is going away and will only end up being a thing of the past, especially when you think about why Dolly wrote them lyrics that are being sung by that time in the first place. It was her good bye message to her chapter with Porter Wagoner.

    God bless you and everyone who is keeping country music alive and well always!!!

    Listen to my most favorite singer here sometime, James Otto that is!

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