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Thread: Bodys will be back -New ARRiVATi Video

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    Default Bodys will be back -New ARRiVATi Video

    check out the video
    Bodies will be back is a dedication to the experiences of the marginalized and exploited people in our societies.
    In gratitude for the lives of our members who survived the treacherous journey crossing the Mediterranean Sea, in remembrance of those who are still trapped in transit at the borders of Fortress Europe and In memory of those who didn't make it

    A total of 55,528 refugees and migrants crossed the Mediterranean Sea during January 2016 according to the International Organisation for Migration

    CD/LP Beyond Welcome, Schwabinggrad Ballett/ARRiVATi, LaToya Manly-Spain,(Vocals)

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    if only 1% of that 55,000 are terrorist minded that equates to 550 possible terrorists entering Europe....

    say 0.1% of that 55,000 are actual terrorists that equates to 55 actual terrorists who will at some point shoot, maim, bomb the legitimate civilians of the country they enter,
    each one of the attacks has the possibility to kill or injure dozens if not hundreds of people going about their daily lives in peace, then theres the family and friends of those injured and killed who suffer plus the law enforcement who have to scrape bits of bodies off the streets...

    sorry, but they need to turn them around or allow the women and children in and send the men back to fight against ISIS/ISIL to "free their homelands".

    thank God the UK has now left the EU and closed its borders!
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