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Thread: Shark Attack season is upon us...!

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    Default Shark Attack season is upon us...!

    I usually start this annual thread at the beginning of September but this year I forgot...
    I only just remembered it because there was an attack in Australia today...

    so as usual I nominate the "shark attack season" to run from September of 2016 and end the last day of March 2017

    and also as usual im asking for guesses from members as to how many attacks there will be in Australian waters over those six months as we are "the shark attack capitol of the world...

    heres the page link to the first attack this season: NON-FATAL

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    so im guessing 15 shark attacks from now until March 31st

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    Sharks?? What are they mad about??

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    climate change will have them sharkies pissed off this year

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