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    London artist VAS LEON is thrilled to announce the release of his debut LP ‘Krossover’ available
    everywhere on 2nd September.! !
    Krossover is an explosive LP showing the growth of his position in the music industry after a
    break to travel and share his experiences through performance and energy.! !
    Creating an undeniable sound and collection of tracks relating to a wide audience, VAS LEON has
    constructed an outstanding body of work with Krossover. Featuring a number of overseas
    musicians; including platinum selling artists Mike Beatz and Lex One (formerly known as Wizard
    Sleeve), this LP emits a unique feeling to put each stand-out track on replay.! !
    With tracks such as the thought-provoking “Only Human”, “Addiction” and the emotive track
    “My Life”, the storytelling ability of VAS LEON knows no bounds. ! !
    Singles from the Krossover LP, “That Vibe” & “Lyrical Slaughter” have been premiered on The
    Beat London (previously BANG Radio) and instantly grabbed attention all over the world resulting
    in festivals supporting UK Chart topping West London collective WSTRN. After working with
    legendary Americans record producer and DJ Arthur Baker and supporting the MTV, Brit &
    Grammy Award winning FatBoy Slim, VAS LEON decided it was time to finish and release this
    work of art filled with passion. ! !
    Strongly built from top to bottom with clever lyrical ambience, infectious hooks and warm melodies,
    the hard-hitting production of Krossover is surely in a class of its own.! !
    Get ready to put it on repeat, sit back and be truly amazed by Krossover.!

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    are you actually going to participate in conversation on this forum or simply post material your own agenda????

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