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Thread: Ian Hunter &The Rant Band "fingers crossed"

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    Default Ian Hunter &The Rant Band "fingers crossed"

    Ian Hunter & The Rant Band "fingers crossed"

    Spotify listen:

    yes it is that Ian Hunter....
    loved Mott The Hoople but know virtually nothing
    of his 40+ year solo career...
    so, first album of his I have heard so I have nothing to
    make comparisons/criticisms etc of...
    some good genuine r+r on this one, a couple that would probably
    fit on a Mott The Hoople album, some cool blues rock, and a couple of ballads also...
    nothing on here I dislike and all the customer reviews on say it stacks up
    to his back catalogue very well...
    good vocals, the guy still has it IMO...

    from the album:

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    I know there are Ian hunter fans on this forum so heres another couple off the album to lick your lips to:

    "white house"

    "you cant live in the past"

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    I think I'm the only fan
    sorry to hijack your thread
    but it made me think of this one and I had to hear it/post it

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    nice track mate...BTW, he is still on my "to purchase" list, and when I find his self titled debut (as I think you recommended a while ago) or any other of his albums
    I will buy it/them.

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