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Thread: Wilco - Schmilco

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    Default Wilco - Schmilco

    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #11

    Spotify spin

    title is an acknowledged nod to Nilsson Schmilsson
    pretty laid back tracks which some would call folk
    didn't know this band has done some collaborations with Billy Bragg
    have you heard these CH?


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    yes I did MH,
    have the first two albums, but not the third....
    first one is very good, the second not so good....
    haven't heard the third one....

    the Mermaid Avenue series of albums between Jef Tweedy(Wilco)and Bragg is their collaboration of putting music to unreleased Woodie Guthrie lyrics/poems...
    Woodie's daughter Nora, first offered them to Bob Dylan who turned down the project but he recommended Billy Bragg who he knew was a big fan of Guthrie was then offered the lyrics by Nora Guthrie...
    he then asked his friend Tweedy if he would be interested in working with him on the tracks with his band Wilco...
    the songs are kept pretty true in melody as Guthrie probably would have done....
    they pair took it in turns to take on vocal roles on the albums (well first two that ive heard/own anyway, not sure about the third one...!)...
    and they took out Grammy for best "folk album" for the first album also....
    a couple of like minded souls did sing a couple of tracks as guest artists on the albums also...

    Mermaid Avenue II:

    Mermaid Avenue:

    my favourite track from the first album, sung by Jeff Tweedy (Wilco)

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    back to the new Wilco album....
    I heard it before I went to bed last night....
    not great, passable, have heard better from him/them...only heard three other albums of theirs, I prefer the Mermaid Avenue albums with Bragg.

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