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Thread: Billy Bragg & Joe Henry "shine a light....."

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    Default Billy Bragg & Joe Henry "shine a light....."

    Billy Bragg & Joe Henry "shine a light:field recordings from the Great American Railroad"

    Spotify listen:

    Billy Bragg: warbler, balladeer, protest singer in the vein of Bob Dylan:
    Joe Henry: jazz musician, triple Grammy Award Winner:

    album is a covers set of classic Americana folk songs...
    tracks were recorded in various train stations across the US earlier this year
    as Bill and Joe trained it across the US...
    theres the likes of "john henry", "early morning rain", "rock island line",
    "gentle on my mind", "the midnight special", "in the pines" etc on here...
    the pair duet through the album, the songs are not tampered with too much,
    they stay true to the versions we all know from other artists...
    a surprisingly good album IMO.

    heres one from the album:

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    not for me because it's covers
    but I did enjoy that clip
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    Yeh, I probably wouldn't buy it for that reason neither...

    Loved the clip though...
    Looks like there's more clips on YT, I'll watch them at some point

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