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Thread: The Head And The Heart - Signs Of Light

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    Default The Head And The Heart - Signs Of Light

    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #5

    Spotify spin

    Seattle band
    3rd album
    my kind of Alt
    nice harmonies
    would be on my list if I had one


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    absolutely brilliant IMO, im going to listen to the whole album on the weekend based on that one track:

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    I like the inclusion of the violin into the song, probably my favorite part of it! The vocals sound average to my ears as that seems to be a common Alt-Indie style, and my feelings are mixed on the La La La La La chants which could either grow on me or become annoying after a few listens. I think it's an above average song, but nothing new to the genre which doesn't make it bad, IMO.

    I might check the new album out anyway.
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