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    hi i am new to this site. i love writing songs, making new friends and listing to different bands that most people have distaste for saying it is 'old peoples music' such as Joy Division and The Cramps.
    hopefully i will be starting my own band soon

    lots of love Kewpie_doll

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    Welcome to MD....
    I cant recall The Cramps ever getting mentioned on this forum....
    What else besides them and JD do you like?

    BTW, I hated both of them bands back in the day and I still hate them now

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    Welcome! I've only heard Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division which I didn't mind even though they aren't really my cup of tea and I don't know anything by The Cramps. I sometimes listen to The Sisters Of Mercy and The Cure's Disintegration album though, not to mention some David Bowie. Who else do you listen to?
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    Joy Division??? I think I am having cramps! Sorry not my cup of tea at all. But welcome to the site anyway. Hope you stick around.

    PS - I do think the cover of 'Unknown Pleasures is one of the best album covers ever.
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    I always hated Joy Division...
    Hated the spin off band New Order also but loved their "blue Monday" song

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    The Cramps only ever achieved cult status here in Australia, the University students loved them though.

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