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Thread: CHEW.TV is TWITCH for DJ's and Audio Engineers.

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    Lightbulb CHEW.TV is TWITCH for DJ's and Audio Engineers.

    Whats up everyone,

    This is my first post on the forums but i want to share some awesome news that i have to tell as many DJ's n Engineers as possible. So i have been on a site called CHEW.TV and in the small amount of time the site has blown up from tens of thousands of users to now 400k users. This site is pretty much TWITCH for DJ's and engineers. They just bought out MIXIFY and the company is growing daily. I go by PROTOZOA i play electro house, progesssive house and trance, and i love to throw in some heavy hitting tracks in there. My stream is called CLUBCAST RADIO. Please come check me out i stream MON, WED and FRI. This wed im apart of the TRANSITION FESTIVAL witch is a virtual festival to welcome all the new users. here is my link

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