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Thread: A Day To Remember "bad vibrations"

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    Default A Day To Remember "bad vibrations"

    A Day To Remember "bad vibrations"

    Spotify listen:

    listened because ive never heard of them and because
    the album debuted at #1 here in Australia this week...
    US metalheads...
    sixth album...
    five singles lifted off it already...
    some straight up metal on here, some growler material also...
    all im going to say about it is:
    "A Day To Remember" - a band to forget....!
    "bad vibrations" - at least they got that right....!

    here's the lead off single and title track::

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    enters the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart this week at #2

    Spotify spin

    not for me

    a track that didn't scream at me

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    I gave you the heads up on the album but you still persisted in abusing your ears so all I can say is....why?, why?, why? !!!!

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