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    Jamie T "trick"

    Spotify listen earlier today:

    debuted at #3 in the UK...
    fourth album from this UK'er, all four have made the top5 out there...
    vocals have the same tone and style as the guy from Arctic Monkeys....
    some of the songs have a loose AM feel also...
    Jamie also happens to be a bit of a rapper with him rapping on three tracks
    on this album, BTW those rap tracks suck big time IMO....
    the alt-pop ones are okay though...
    three singles lifted off the album so far but my favourite track after
    one listen isn't one of them and my favourite is the one i'll be linking here...
    not a bad album apart from the rap tunes.

    from the album, my favourite track:

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    and my favourite of the three singles lifted off the album so far:

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